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Security Crackdown

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Security Crackdown Empty Security Crackdown

Post  Admin Thu May 22, 2008 7:14 pm

In 2007 there were 177 reported thefts at the Alton Towers Resort, these included visitors property and items left in vehicles. The Police are now launching a new operation that aims to greatly reduce these numbers by having an increased presence at the resort. Both plain clothed and uniformed officers will be present at the resort, to tackle the issue of bag and vehicle crime. These crime levels are relatively low, with regards to the number of visitors that enter the park each day, but the local police intend remove any risk of theft. They aim to do this by not only patrolling the parks, but using vehicle registration recognition technology that can identify both illegal vehicles and those linked with any crime.

As well as the new police initiative, a local judge has made the promise that anybody found guilty of committing a theft at the Alton Towers Resort will automatically receive a prison sentence, regardless of their past record. Recently a 20 year old from Longton received 168 days for crimes including the theft of two bags from Alton Towers.

The message is clear, if you intend to commit a theft at Alton Towers, you should expect to be caught swiftly by the police and rightly punished by the court system.

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